Why Men Like Feisty, Strong-Willed Women

Love - he cheated


Men like women who stand their ground and are not pushovers.  It turns him on when you give him a little trouble.  Also being unpredictable and not being too agreeable makes  you a challenge.   He respects you when he know you won’t put up with his mess.  When you put him in his place, he secretly likes it.  He may call you bossy or pushy, but he admires you and sees you as his equal.  You’ll notice he keeps on coming back for more.  When you make demands as to how you want to be treated, what you want and expect from him, he really values you because he knows you value yourself.

Men like a challenge, he doesn’t get bored and things don’t become monotonous.  It keeps him on his “A” game.   When you are just like all the other girls he’s dated, you’re not special to him.  Being his puppet or his “beck and call girl” doesn’t get you any brownie points either.  He loses respect for you when he has you wrapped around his fingers.When he knows you are happy with him or without him, he wants you more.  Being needy and consuming turns men off.  A confident woman will give a man space.  She has her own life and is not worried about where he is, or what he is doing.  She have already given him the consequences of cheating on her.  Men know when try so hard to please because you are afraid of losing them.  You should always feel that a man is replaceable, and you can get another in a heart beat.

The bottom line is . . . Men find confident women very appealing.

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