A Woman’s Time is Precious


Love - put a ring on it


We live in a society where women are not as relevant as they get older.  Therefore, we should not waste our precious years in relationships that we know aren’t going to lead to a future  (such as booty calls, friends with benefits or as someone’s side piece) .

At the  ages of 27 -30 years old, every woman should start thinking about her future long-term with whomever she is involved with if she want to getting married and have children.   Don’t hang on hoping you can change him.  People don’t change unless they see the need to change.  If you’re attracted to someone but can’t see yourself being married to him, you are probably not compatible.  If a man has cheated on you in the past and you decide to marry him anyway, don’t expect anything to be different just because he married you.  Don’t let your ” biological clock ticking,” cause you to stay with someone just because you are afraid of being alone.   There is no need to become desperate and settle.  These days women are having children at ages 40 and up.  There’s also the option to freeze your eggs.

Men make up their minds very early on  (within 90 days) if you are “wifey material”.  Many times you hear of men proposing in less than 6 months of dating and marrying their fiance within a year of engagement.  When a man says he is not ready for marriage and he needs more time, if you have been with him for 2 years or more, he is really saying that he is not ready to marry YOU.  He will hold onto you until he finds the right woman and he won’t waste any time marrying her.  He doesn’t want to break it off with you and have to go out looking for someone to sleep with.  Men don’t like being without a woman.

Many women tend to stay in long-term relationships because they feel they have invested so many years of their lives with their man.  You should count your losses and move on.  You don’t want to miss your chance at finding true love and getting married and having children if this is what you desire.

Men at any age can still get married, have children and marry younger women thanks to the “little blue pill.”  Men don’t have the pressure from society to get married and start a family.   Even as men wrinkle and their hair turns gray they are considered distinguished looking not old.  A man can always get a woman no matter how old he is.

Ladies, you owe it yourself not to waste your precious time with anyone who is just stringing you along, without any intention of having a future with you.



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