Every Man’s Goal is “To Hit It”


love - naked couple in water


A man, is a man and their goal is to get you in bed.  Giving him sex too soon makes him feel this is what you always do, not that he’s special.  He may lose respect for you.  Let him get to know you first before you become intimate.  The longer you hold out, he will continue to pursue you.  You become a challenge to him. Men like a challenge.  They are hunters by nature and love to conquer their prey.   Making him wait will make him want you more.  He will know  you put value on your body, and don’t just give it away.  He will think more of you because he will know he has a woman that doesn’t sleep around.

Try not to invite him in your place, instead go out to public places.  This way it’s easier to hold out.  Show him interest and affection and he will know that you are attracted to him. This makes him hang in there and keep coming back.   Don’t give him any indication of when you plan to have sex with him.   He needs to hope that every time he is with you, he may get some. This makes him anxious to meet up with you.  If he knows he doesn’t stand a chance of getting any from you, he will spend his weekends with his booty calls and friends with benefits where it knows he will be getting laid and he will see you only during the week.  If he walks away because you didn’t sleep with him early on, this just means his intention was to “hit it and quit it” from the beginning.  That’s okay, at least you won’t feel you got played.

The longer you wait to sleep with him, the time he spends with you, wining and dining you he will get to know you and let his guard down and may actually fall for you.  Men generally know  when they pressure you to sleep with them too soon and you give in before you are ready, you are afraid of losing him.  He will know how much you really care about him.  At that point, he will see you as insecure and afraid of being alone.  Sometimes it is a test that men put women through to see if they will give it up quickly.   Men are very judgmental of women.  That’s why men don’t call after a one night stand, even when the sex was great.

One thought on “Every Man’s Goal is “To Hit It”

  1. Men – the good ones – also find their intimacy and affection doubled after the first time. Whenever that happens. I would feel special, loved and protective of her. But you are right, too soon is too easy and not respectful. Unless he is head over heels with you already.


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