Know Your Feminine Power

Love - Know your worth!!!


Men have big egos.  Stroke his ego with compliments, praise and reward his good behavior when he’s showering you with gifts, flowers, etc.  Thank him for his generosity and he’ll want to  do more.  Let the man, be the man.  He doesn’t want to think of being with you as like being with the guys.  Your femininity will make him want to protect you.  (damsel in distress syndrome)  Act like you are used to men catering to you and he will think you are worth it.  Always let him lead in public.

Remember, you have all the power until he gets you in bed!  You have what he is trying to get. You will know you have the power and control where it matters, when you can get him to do what you want and get from him what you want.  Use this to your advantage.  Once he gets you in bed, he feels he is in control.   It’s up to you to keep the edge.

You will get more respect from a man when he doesn’t feel you are needy.  When he feels you can hold your own, he is willing to do more for you. Don’t make your man your life.  You should have a life aside from him.  Don’t give up your girls night out.   Be spontaneous and unpredictable.  Keep him a little insecure.  When he sees other men looking at you, he will value you more.  Some men need to know they can lose you in order for them not to take you for granted.

Always keep yourself “market ready.”   This way you can get back into the game right away if things don’t work out.




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