Hello world!

If you believe in love, Sydney’s Love Cafe is the place for you to share your thoughts and get advice on relationship issues.

The following are some of the topics for discussion:

  • First date tips
  • Fun dates
  • Why men cheat
  • Signs he’s cheating on you
  • He cheated, now what
  • Are you his “Prize, his Puppet or his Side piece”
  • How long to wait for a proposal
  • How to get him to “Put a ring on it”
  • Qualities men find attractive in women
  • Deal breakers for men
  • Why he doesn’t call after a one night stand
  • Why you should have “Standards and know your Worth”
  • Why you should let him choose YOU
  • Keeping it HOT!!
  • Qualities needed for a lasting relationship
  • How to tell if “He’s the One”
  • What’s love got to do with it

Just ask Sydney

Happy blogging!

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